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Battle of Fort M logo design
Cine Qua Non logo design
Bradonna logo design
Lime logo design
Architektura Ogrodów logo design
Be My Drone logo design
Fly High Tour logo design
Hip Hop Arena logo design
Jaglanka logo design
Platform of Composed Education logo design
WBW Freestyle and Beatbox Battle 2011 logo design
Beatbox Guru logo design

What if?

From time to time I take part in logo design competitions, designing logos for big government organizations. Regardless of the result, it’s a great excercise in design.

Pracodawcy Rzeczpospolitej logo design
Sejm logo design
Instytut Obywatelski logo design
Polska Wieś logo design

What is a brand book?

A brand book contains a precise presentation of the logo in all available forms, a safe zone around the logo, color and font info as well as tips on how to use the logo.

Here’s an example, based on a brand book for “Music is for everyone” Foundation. I took part in a logo contest and unfortunately I didn’t win, but my logo was in the top 10. I’ve had lots of fun designing it.

wersja kolorowa i czarno-biała logo oraz jego przekaz

color and black and white version of the logo and its’ main associations

kolory CMYK i RGB (w razie potrzeby Pantone) oraz font

CMYK and RGB colors (plus Pantone if needed) and font

spójność z innymi logosami organizacji

coherency with other logos of the group

wizualizcja logo na plakacie

visual representation on a poster

wizualizcja logo na wizytówce

visual representation on a business card


Much more than just a logo – a brand is a coherent communication with clients on all fields. Whether it’s a website, flyer, social media page or a promo video – all elements need to be coherent!

wizualizacja broszury Pernod Ricard
wizualizacja broszury Pernod Ricard

Personel Welcome Book

I designed the Personel Welcome Book for an international spirit company Pernod Ricard. A welcome brochure, ID and several gadgets, based on current available brand book of the company.

wizualizacja broszury Pernod Ricard
wizualizacja broszury Pernod Ricard
Pernod Ricard personnel welcome brochure
Pernod Ricard - smycz
Pernod Ricard - gadżety

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