Packaging design

Aesthetic, functional and eco-friendly.

In 2007-2009

I’ve designed a lot of packaging in a Chinese-Polish public traded compamy Athletic SA with over $100m annual revenue.

Multi-washer packaging design


I’ve done hundreds of them. I’ve managed product photo sessions, along with lighting and post-production.

CB Radio - packaging design


I’ve designed lots of packaging. The design grids were sent to China for prototyping. Later we fine-tuned the packaging before sending it off for mass-production.

Notebook Hasse - Packaging design


I’ve created hundreds of icons illustrating the qualities of numerous products as well as usage instructions and product illustrations!

packaging illustration design
packaging illustration design
packaging illustration design


I’ve design the colors, fonts and brands for whole ranges of products.

Bathroom scale - packaging design

User Interface

I’ve designed numerous elements of the software of our devices.

GPS - packaging design

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