About us

Patryk TikTak Matela

I've been desi­gning gra­phics both for print and web for over 12 years. I gained a lot of expe­rien­ce in seve­ral design agen­cies and pro­duc­tion depart­ments of inter­na­tio­nal cor­po­ra­tions I wor­ked in. Now I can offer you indu­stry-stan­dard solu­tions for both web and print. Faster. Che­aper.

Patryk Mate­la, foun­der of estetyczny.net


As a designer

I cre­ate gre­at logos, brand design, websi­tes, pac­ka­ging, design for print and ads. All this is cre­ated to grow your client base effec­ti­ve­ly.

By 'effec­ti­ve­ly' I mean using know­led­ge such as:

  • inter­net mar­ke­ting
  • copyw­ri­ting
  • neu­ro­lin­gu­istics
  • psy­cho­phy­sio­gy of sight
  • influ­en­ce of sha­pes
  • web posi­tio­ning

You, as a client, are obio­usly inte­re­sted in results. I know what to do to make your logo and websi­te attract clients, not only with nice pho­tos, but a varie­ty of fac­tors that sim­ply make us feel good.

I regu­lar­ly coope­ra­te with experts in vario­us fields of gra­phics design. I cho­ose them based on the needs of a par­ti­cul­ra pro­ject. If you need skills that are not on my list, let me know any­ways. I pro­ba­bly know the right per­son for the job. Ask how we can grow your busi­ness.

As a vocal coach

A beat­box coach with over 10 years of expe­rience, co-orga­ni­zer of Polish Beat­box Bat­tle, a pio­neer com­bi­ning beat­box with uni­que sty­les from all over the world, author of the first human beat­box manu­al.


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